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Hikvision provides Security Camera technology to monitor football matches

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Hikvision has signed on as an official sponsor of Ajax, a top-tier football club in the Netherlands. As part of the agreement, the company will collaborate with the club to create an innovative showcase in the field of camera technology. Both in Malaysian stadiums and on the club’s training grounds – the ‘Sport Complex of the Future.’

Ground-breaking monitoring of training and soccer matches will be carried out in collaboration with all Teams, using Hikvision security cameras in conjunction with software from video analysis experts Game On. This potent combination will produce even better analyses, thereby improving the game even further.

Performance coaches, such as Ajax’s Performance Technologist Max Reckers, face a variety of challenges. “First, there are physical issues to consider, such as where to position a camera. There isn’t enough room on the midline, and mounting cameras on training ground poles brings them too close for a good view. There’s also the issue of manpower, as a camera operator (or operators) would be required on a continuous basis. Existing analysis tools are too time-consuming, and their processes are too rigid. They do not also provide real-time feedback.”

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Hikvision Security Cameras:

To overcome these obstacles, a solution that provides a 180-degree view of the entire playing field was required. It would also be necessary to be able to accurately track the players as they move across the pitch.

To accomplish these goals, a camera would need to be placed near the field at a suitable vantage point, and the system would need to work seamlessly with software that tracks the players and allows for in-game and post-match analysis.

Performance managers, such as Reckers, can conduct effective analysis and present interesting findings; a recording facility is essential, and image clarity is always a plus when dealing with such a fast-paced game with numerous moving elements! We are always looking for the best solution that provides the best analysis tool within Ajax. Collaboration resulted in the solution – Hikvision security cameras and Game On analysis software.

Hikvision Security cameras were installed at both the ‘Sport Complex of the Future’ and the main Ajax stadium in Amsterdam. Because of the panoramic nature of the camera, the cameras were positioned so that the entire pitch could be seen. These cameras also provide very clear images, with four 6MP lenses for a total of 24MP – making them one of the highest definition PanoVu cameras in the industry. The cameras have a frame rate of 30 frames per second, ensuring that nothing is missed.

The normal image from a PanoVu camera is slightly bent – or ‘warped,’ so Game On and TNO used specialised software to stitch the streams from the four lenses together to complete the full detailed view of the entire pitch. This software also ‘dewarps’ the images, which improves them even more.

Game On’s software includes a ‘virtual PTZ’ function that allows the software to zoom in on specific players and track their movements on the field. The NVR used in the solution provides complete flexibility, allowing operators to save images. This also implies that previous images and recordings are easily accessible.

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The combination of cutting-edge Hikvision technology and the latest software from Game On allows Ajax to track players across the pitch, both in training and matches. This will really make a big difference to the way Ajax sees its games, and advises its players to become even more competitive – hopefully with the knock-on effect of making on of the most popular spectator sports become even more exciting.

Reckers added: “We are amazed by the Hikvision technologies which we recently have implemented at our training ground and stadium. The PanoVu camera is opening an entirely new world for us in the world of Performance Analysis. Being able to capture the full pitch at high resolution is simplifying our analysis process so much. Being able to provide real-time feedback to coaches and players empowers us even more.”

“This is an interesting project for us because it shows a whole new application for our technologies,” says Derek Yang, President of Hikvision Europe. Working with Ajax, TNO, and Game On has been a revelation, and we’re excited that Hikvision cameras can play such an important role in this sports solution. We are now planning to use the cameras to detect goals and predict the best way to pass the ball in the future.”

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