Coax Cable: 5 Benefits of Cables

Coaxial cable is a form of copper cable that is specifically designed with a metal shield and other signal-blocking components. It is mostly utilised by cable TV providers to link their satellite antenna facilities to customers’ residences and places of business.

There are many reasons why most companies use this type of cable, and here is 5 of them:

  1. Easy to wire and install

Due to its flexibility, this type of wire is easy to wire and easy to expand.

This cable can flex and move as required to fit the user’s requirements. This is because this cable design uses an inner metal electrode covered with an elastic polymer.

The polymer works as the dielectric, surrounded by an outer cover for protection against the surrounding. 

For example, RG59 Cable is a precision broadcast video cable for low-bandwidth, low-frequency (below 50 MHz) applications. Often used for low-power video and RF signal connections. Apart from this, RG6 Belden Cable is a roll of low-loss serial digital coaxial Cable.

  1. Good anti-electromagnetic interference ability

Next, the outer conductor in coaxial cable is used to improve attentation and shield effectiveness. For your information, Electromagnetic Interference can be caused by natural or human-made sources. 

Using high quality electronics, electrical shielding, and modern error correction, can reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference.


HIKVISION Coax Cable is a brilliant choice. For example the HIKVISION Cat6Cable(Contact us for details) It includes reduced signal loss, less crosstalk with other cables, and bidirectional communication on each pair of wires due to tighter twists in the cable.

  1. No signal leakage

Signal leakage refers to the loss or egress of radio frequency (RF) signals from a cable system when they are not properly contained. 

Signal leaks can be caused by loose connectors or damaged equipment or cables or cables that are unterminated. 

To prevent this, the insulation which is made from plastic in most cases is further wrapped by a shield intended to prevent electromagnetic interference. For example, Optical Digital Cable.

  1. High Transfer rates

Digital optical cable is used to transfer data, usually audio or video, from one source to another. For instance, HIKVISION Cat5 E Cable is an enhanced version of a traditional Cat5 cable. It is a traditional type of network cable on this list and is the cheapest.

Typically, Cat5e cable consists of 24-gauge twisted pair and provides Gigabit Ethernet up to 328 feet. Enabling the CPU to handle it internally, and process up to 100 million commands in a second. 

Hence becoming the reason why Cat5e cables are best suited for most networks.

  1. Save energy and no environmental pollution

Objectively, a better cable also can save energy and reduce the release of harmful substances to protect us earth.

Insulated cable uses copper and magnesium oxide as the material, both of which are inorganic.  Hence, the mineral insulated cable has a good fire resistance type, which will not burn and will not support combustion. Belden Cables and Smatv Cable is a great choice.

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