Central Monitoring Service (CMS)

What is Central Monitoring Services (CMS)

Central Monitoring Services (CMS) is a total security package integrated by VSH Technology Sdn Bhd. CMS is different from conventional security companies that leave the entire security system to work and be manipulated by the user. They’re employed by many security system owners who require high-security monitoring. Our CMS operates 24 hours on a daily basis, 7 days every week and 12 months a year to observe your premises and supply rapid response to an emergency incident. It’s suitable for both residential and industrial sites.

Benefits of Central Monitoring Services (CMS):

  • We offer Round-the-clock monitoring services from Control Centre.
  • Central Monitoring System Work Remotely-Central Monitoring System will work 24 hours, whether or not you’re far from home. It can notify you and keep watching over your house.
  • Immediately on detecting intrusion at our client’s facility through computerized state-of-the art intrusion detection system, a trained response officer is going to be dispatched to the premises upon all triggered alarm.
  • Assistance would then range from not only intimating your designated contacts but also the police, department of local government and Hospital depending upon the emergency being encountered.
  • Criminal Deterrent-A monitoring system and a security system can provide proof of a break-in to the authorities and aid within the prosecution of the crime in a while.
  • A peace of mind as users aren’t required to reply on any triggered alarm after office hours.
  • Don’t have to depend upon our neighbours-security system will monitor you to ensure safety when you are away from home.
  • Indemnity insurance coverage.
  • Inclusive service and maintenance of apparatus are conducted regularly.

How does Central Monitoring Service (CMS) Work: