Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

What is PIDS?

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) refers to a wide range of technologies designed to give early warning of an intruder coming into a secure area. 

This system usually categorized into 4 type of PIDS which are are Barrier-mounted PIDS, Ground Base PIDS, Free-Standing PIDS, Rapidly Deployable PIDS.

Together, these components create a complete “perimeter protection zone” that alerts intrusion officers when movement is detected at particular locations along your building’s external border.

4 Categories Of PIDS:

Barrier-mounted PIDS

PIDS deployed on or in conjunction with a fence or other physical barrier. Separate into 2 types:

Fabric mounted systems, where the sensor is attached to the fabric of a fence. And post mounted systems, where sensors stretch between either fence posts or dedicated posts.

Ground-based PIDS

Buried in the ground and may or may not be deployed alongside a fence.

Use microphonic & Optical-fiber cable, Radio Frequency (RF) radiating field and Balanced Fluid-filled tube to detect those who step on the area.

Free-standing PIDS

PIDS that are installed above ground and don’t need to be attached to or used with a physical barrier.

If barrier mounted PIDS are unsuitable, it is ideal to deploy free-standing PIDS inside a sterile zone. These PIDS use laser, infrared or microwave detection technologies.

Rapidly deployable PIDS

PIDS intended for short-term deployment. These systems are often battery-operated, mounted on tripods or fastened to fences, and they communicate their alarms wirelessly. They use the same detection technology as permanently installed PIDS.

Rapidly deployable systems allow you to quickly install them when required, then dismantle and store them back in their carrying bag for easy transportation until they are needed next time.

How It works?

PIDS function by sensing any movement or intrusion across a prespecified boundary within an assigned zone (such as an alarm beam, an area of ground covered by infrared beams, etc.) and then setting off an alarm that notifies the individuals in charge of security at that location.

The majority of systems simply detect the presence of anyone entering the restricted area without permission and record their movements for future reference should it be necessary.

Most systems are connected to some type of recording device, such as CCTV cameras, but they themselves do not take any direct action against intruders.

Simply said, the first line of defense is the perimeter intrusion detection system, which provides the security team with early notice and ample opportunity to analyze the situation and take appropriate action.

Why do I need a perimeter detection system?

  • It provides you with advance notice if trespassers are on your property.
  • You have adequate time to react after the invader is quickly discovered.
  • You avoid big losses and feel secure knowing that your possessions and investments are safe.
  • Since certain devices are not immediately noticeable, you can discreetly keep an eye on your property.
  • You reduce the number of people needed to protect a sizable area of land. Additionally, it saves time and money because fewer employees are required to stand by and continuously monitor security.
  • Since the majority of perimeter detection systems are compatible with existing fences or walls, you can increase your protection without incurring significant additional costs.
  • A perimeter detection system gives you a greater picture and more time to evaluate security issues if you have a large site or property.

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Perimeter Detection Systems are a clever approach to detect infiltration, dissuade trespassers, and assess the situation early enough to formulate the best response. The market today offers a variety of detection system options, allowing you to select the one that is most suited to your needs. 

You are not restricted to utilizing a single sort of detecting system; for optimal results, combine two or three at once. It can be difficult to choose the perimeter detection system that best suits your demands; this is why you need experts to see which one is the most suitable for your property. 

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