Door Lock System

Smart door look systems are the new innovative door control systems used to handle the locking and unlocking of your doors with an electronic system. As a tech-oriented company, VSH technology delivers a wide range of different kinds of smart door lock systems to home and companies in Malaysia.

It provides state of the art security protections to your home and offices. There are several categories of smart door lock systems that VSH technology has made available to private and public buildings in Malaysia. A few types of smart door lock systems are listed below;

Biometric locks
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi electronic locks

RFID fitted locks

Biometric locks make use of your fingerprint or retina scan to give you access to your buildings. It is effective because it can’t be easily hacked into. An example of a biometric lock that VSH technology provides for home and business in Malaysia is G11B fingerprint lock smart access.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi electronic system functions by making use of a secure network to control your doors. The RFID system is fitted with a radio frequency system to lock and unlock your doors.
Benefits of smart door lock
With smart door lock systems, you don’t need a key. So, you can’t have the problem of a missing key when you want to gain access to your building.

It provides a comfortable and practical way to boost the security of your buildings. They are built to be secure; hence you can be guaranteed optimum protection in your buildings.

Check VSH technology to acquire your highly reliable smart door lock in Malaysia. We have a wide variety of smart door locks for you.

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