Draka Cable

Do you need a Draka cable supplier in Malaysia? Draka cables are used as distribution cables for domestic, commercial and public buildings. VSH technology is one of the best dealers of Draka cable in Malaysia. We are dedicated to providing high-quality cables that satisfy the highest standards.

Draka cable has significant uses in the construction industry. It is used for wiring houses and domestic premises, offices and public buildings. Also, the versatility of the Draka cable makes it available to be used in a wide range of systems.

VSH technology has several kinds of Draka cables available for sale in Malaysia. Due to special modifications, these cables are imbued to unique properties to be able to perform specific tasks. Some of the types of Draka cable are listed below;
i. Firetuf fire resistant cables
ii. Saffire cables
iii. Wiring cables
iv. Power cables

The Firetuf fire resistant cables and Saffire cables are built with high fire resistivity. They have high importance in building critical safety systems that can function even under high temperatures such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, to mention a few.

The wiring cables are designed to meet the stringent requirements of electrical systems. Draka power cables are used to handle low or high voltage transmission of power. These cables control the flow of electric current in and out of your buildings.

These cables are well sought for their unique characteristics. Hence, VSH technology has made it a top-level priority to get these cables readily available to customers.

Benefits of Draka cables

Draka cables are used in several operations such as utility and power grid, telecoms, construction and infrastructure, transportation and electronic system. It is well sought because of the improvements it brings to your system.

VSH technology is a trustworthy supplier of Draka cable dedicated to providing you with the best high-quality Draka cables. Check out the various types of Draka cable we have for sale in Malaysia

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