Security Gate System

Do you need an OAE auto gate installation in your home? Life has become more comfortable with OAE auto gate systems. VSH technology is a trusted source of first-rate OAE auto gate systems for your home and business in Malaysia. With over five years in this industry, we aim to equip you with the best security system you can get.

Auto gate systems are new innovative installations on your home to manage entry and exit without stress. Everything is automated; both the locking and unlocking systems are made by digital technology. This means you don’t have to worry about leaving your house to open the gate. All it takes to control this unique door lock system is a remote device.

OAE auto systems are built with electromechanical components that control folding or swinging operations in your gate. This system is made with an advanced mechanism that provides unique features such as electronic anti-crashing, auto-reverse and stop upon contact.

Unlike other auto gate systems, the OAE auto gate system has a simple design. The physical structure was built with lightweight material. What’s more? It doesn’t need a heavy mechanism to work. Also, there is no need for an underground motor.

Types of OAE auto gate systems that VSH technology has for you
VSH technology boasts of a massive collection of OAE auto gate systems. These systems can be modified to the specifications of customers. Some of the OAE auto gate systems that we have for sale include;
i. Casa Asia folding and swing gate
ii. DC moto auto gate system
iii. DC sliding gate operators

Benefits of OAE auto gate systems

These gates are guaranteed to provide ease of access in and out of your home. With these auto gate systems, you are assured of flexibility and convenience.
As a customer-oriented service, we are dedicated to providing quality service. Hence, you can count on us to give you the best OAE auto gate systems in Malaysia.

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