CCTV DVR Recorder Dahua XVR1B04H


CCTV DVR Recorder Dahua XVR1B04H 4 Channel Penta-brid 4M-N/1080P Cooper 1U Digital Video Recorder

  • 1080P / 4M-N Pentabrid H.265+ Cooper 1U 1HDD DVR
  • XVR1B04H: 4 channels 15fps 1080P/4M-N + 2 IPC up to 6MP (Max 24Mbps)
  • XVR1B08H: 8 channels 15fps 1080P/4M-N + 4 IPC up to 6MP (Max 48Mbps)
  • Backup to USB Flash Drive / LAN / WAN. Wi-Fi & 3G Dongle Supported
  • Audio 1/1; 2 x USB; Audio & Data over Coax, Smart Search, IVS, Fanless Design
  • Max 1 x HDD up to 6TB; Supports iOS, Android, PSS, IE, P2P, DSS
  • 4/8ch: 12V 1.5A, 197 x 142 x 41 mm
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