HD104 4CH Coaxial Multiplexer

HD104 4CH Coaxial Multiplexer

This product uses special compression modulation technology, on the front end (transmitter) will 4 ways CVI/AHD/TVI hd video camera is compressed, made of the digital signal in coaxial cable transmission, the back-end (receiver) through demodulation, reductive into 4 hd signal after decompression, for hd DVR (TVI/CVI/AHD) or matrix is used. This series of products can be divided into 100m, 200m, and 300m such as the transmission distance and different models.

  • It is designed according to projects with minimum installation volume requirements.
  • 2CH video in one coaxcial cable transmission
  • Is easy for multi-channel signals transmission only in on coaxial cable without any delay and interference.
  • Perfect support coaxial video line. RG59 wire, etc.


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