IP-COM BS6 5GHz 11n 300Mbps Basestation


BS6 5GHz 11n 300Mbps Basestation is designed for PtP and PtMP solutions for rural wireless connectivity and CCTV surveillance.Features with two RP- SMA enable it to pair with dish antenna or sector antenna to establish PtP backhaul connection and P2MP link. It adopts IP-COM TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) proprietary protocol–IMAX to improve performance and capacity. The auto-bridging technology enable it easy to setup for both business and home users.

  • 5GHz 11n 300Mbps
  • Two RP-SMA Connector
  • IP65 waterproof enclosure
  • 6000V Lightning Protection
  • AP,Station,WISP operating mode supported
  • Up to 60 meters of flexible deployment with included PoE adapter
IP-COM BS6 5GHz 11n 300Mbps Basestation

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