Product Features:

    • Advanced DSP and 3-Level Technology
    • Output Power Factor 1.0
    • Active Power Factor Correction (APFC)
      Input Power Factor Up to 0.99
    • High efficiency 95% (Up to 98% in ECO Mode)
    • Advanced digital parellel technology
    • Wide Input Voltage Range (110 ~ 288Vac) and
      Frequency range (40 ~ 70Hz)
    • 50 / 60Hz Frequency Auto Sensing
    • Two Modes of Frequency Conversion: 50Hz Input /
      60Hz Output or 60Hz Input / 50Hz Output
    • Hot-swappable battery
    • Flexible Battery Configuration (Settable 16 – 20pcs Batteries)
    • Digitally Controlled Charger
    • High Charging Current Available (Max. 12A)
    • Charging Voltage and Current Configured by Demands
    • Linear Derating In Low Voltage Input Reducing Battery Discharging Times,
      extending The Service Life of Battery
    • Intelligent Battery Management, Automatic Floating / Equalizing Charge Control,
      Charger Dormancy Control, Increasing Battery Life by 50%
    • Ability to Switch On The UPS With Batteries
    • Settable Delayed Start Time When Mains Power is Restored,
      Reducing the Impact on Power Grids or Generators
    • Fan Speed Varies Intelligently With Temperatures, Reducing Noise and Extending its Service Life
    • Equipped With Self-aging Function
    • Compact Internal Layout, Miniaturized the Complete Unit for Small Footprint
    • LCD + LED Display, Multi-functional Keys Operation, Friendly Human-Machine Interface
    • Powerful Background Software for Parameters Configuration
    • Advanced Multi-platform Communications : RS232, USB, RS485, SNMP and dry contacts communication interfaces
    • Effective Software and Hardware Protection Function, Robust Self-diagnostic Function, and Abundant Event Log for Check


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