RG-AT70D-5 Ranger Brushless Sliding Door System


RG-AT70D is a microcomputer intelligently control and advanced machinery manufacturing.
RG-AT70D can adjust the operating status of the door automatically. RG-AT70D utilize electric lock function, available for multiple access control modes.

Technical Data

  • Door Configuration: Single / Double
  • Door leaf weight: < 1 x 120lg / < 2 x 100kg
  • Length of rail: 4.2m
  • Clean with width: 1000~2800mm / 1800~3800mm
  • Sliding noise: < 55dB
  • Power voltage: AC220V,50Hz
  • Opening speed: 150~450mm/s (adjustable)
  • Closing speed: 130~460mm/s (adjustable)
  • Hold-open time: 0~8s (adjustable)
  • Closed force: >100N

RG-AT70D-5 Sliding Door System