TD2207 20A MPPT Solar Charger Controller


TD2207 20A MPPT Solar Charger Controller

  • Advanced MPPT technology, fast and stable track the Maximum Power Point, tracking accuracy 99.5%
  • Adopt Synchronous Rectifier Technology, significantly improve the transfer efficiency of circuit, maximum 98%.
  • accurate identification and tracking multi peak power point function
  • PV array limited power input function, to ensure that the controller does not overload operation under any conditions.
  • Widely range of Maximum Power Point of PV array, Max PV input Voltage 75V
  • 12/24VDC system voltage automatic recognition
  • Humanized LCD displaying, dynamic display operation data and working state
  • Built-in operation log, account system working state
  • Multi load control mode: Normal Mode, Sensor Mode, Timer and Sensor Mode
  • 3 stages charging mode, Sealed, Gel, Flooded 3 types battery charging procedure selection
  • Temperature Compensation Function
  • Accumulation function of charging and discharging, actual time display power generation function
  • Fullest digital protection functions: Reverse connection, Overcharging, Over discharging, Over-voltage, Overload, Short circuit.
  • 16mm2 connectors, red and black connector distinguish plus and minus


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TD2207 20A MPPT Solar Charger Controller