UHF1-TAG2-A ZKTeco (Encrypted) Stick-on Label

UHF1-TAG2-A ZKTeco (Encrypted) Stick-on Label

UHF1-Tag4 is an ultra high frequency encrypted tag for ZK UHF reader. The UHF tag is suitable for vehicle management and merchandise management, and card reading distance will be up to 10 meters for UHF1-10E and UHF1-10F in parking lot applications.

Key Features:

  • Working frequency:  860 MHz ~ 960 MHz
  • Reading distance:  up to 10 meters for UHF1-10E and UHF1-10F (Determined by environment and reader)
  • Standard Protocol:  ISO/IEC 18000-6C, Global EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • Chip:  Alien H3
  • Working mode:  passive (without battery)
  • EPC Storage Structure:  96-bit, UID/TID: 64-bit, User: 512-bit
  • Delete Password:  32-bit, Access Password: 32-bit



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