ViewSonic XG2405 24″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor


The ViewSonic XG2405 is a 24” IPS-panel gaming monitor with 1ms response time, a 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium technology, providing the perfect blend of speed, hyper-responsive control, and vivid IPS colours. Engineered for hardcore and casual gamers alike, the XG2405’s sleek, 3-side borderless, ergonomic design make it the ideal choice for any gaming setup.

  • 1ms Response Time
  • SuperClear® IPS technology
  • AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Ergonomically Designed for Gamers

ViewSonic Monitor XG2405 is a Full HD Monitor made by ViewSonic. Some of its features are 1ms Response Time. SuperClear® IPS technology. AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology. Full HD 1080p resolution. and Ergonomically Designed for Gamers.

The ViewSonic XG2405 is a 24″ IPS-panel gaming monitor that combines speed, hyper-responsive control, and vibrant IPS colours in a single package. It has a 1ms response time, a 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSync Premium technology. The XG2405 is the best option for any gaming setup because to its elegant, 3-side borderless design, which was engineered for both serious and casual gamers.

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