AA-ESH-10 Wired Loud Alarm Siren System


External Siren

12V tweeter, cab be used with a variety of alarms, the volume of far away. ABS flame-retardant enclosure network alarms large alarm volume deterrence. When someone illegally invades, the alarm horn emits a high pitch alarm, letting everyone know that what when wrong. Generally installed in a wall or doorway or balcony and other places, the installation height of 2.5 meters or more. A variety of installation options are flexible and convenient. Widely use in alarm host, gas leak alarm, infrared radiation, and other perimeter alarm equipment.

  • External siren horn
  • Type: Anti-theft alarm
  • Working mode: Wireless alarm
  • Working mode: Passive
  • Working principle: Electro-optical type
  • Rated voltage: DC12V
  • Rated power: 15W
VS-553-ESH DC12V Wired Loud Alarm Siren System

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