Zkteco BOL1168-F Fixed Bollard

BOL1168-F is a high-quality fixed bollard which used widely to prevent vehicles from entering security areas. It is commonly found in schools, shopping malls, hotels, or housing estates where traffic guidance is needed to protect pedestrians and property. This product provides ideal access control in the areas mentioned and promotes the level of security.

ZKTECO BOL1168-F is a high-quality fixed bollard which is used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion. High-quality fixed bollards like the ZKTECO BOL1168-F are frequently used to keep cars out of security zones. It is frequently seen in places like housing estates, hotels, shopping centres, and schools where traffic guidance is required to safeguard people and property. This device raises the bar for security and offers optimal access control in the designated regions. If you’re looking for Zkteco BOL1168-F Fixed Bollard Supplier in Malaysia, VSH Technology services are perfect for you. We supply numerous security systems and devices and that includes ZKTECO Bollard like the ZKTECO BOL1168-F model. We are a One-stop security system supplier in Malaysia. Other systems such as Networking, Alarms, Metal Detectors, Smart Door locks, Display Systems, Auto Gates, Solar Light, PIDS Solution are also available here. For years we have supplied clients coming from all around Malaysia such as from Selangor, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and even East Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak. To know more About Us or learn about our offer for this product, kindly Contact Us. We are ready to help and guide you. Zkteco BOL1168-F Fixed Bollard is available here at wholesale price for purchase and rental. To see the full datasheet go to download.*  


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