ZKTeco BOL1219-A Automatic Bollard


ZKTECO BOL1219-A is a high-quality automatic bollard which is used widely to protect security areas from vehicle intrusion.

It is the perfect option for entryways with strict security specifications. ZKTECO BOL1219-A has a rising time of three seconds. The bollard is so robust that the car will shatter upon hit, preventing the intrusion even if it is from a large-tonnage vehicle travelling at a high speed.

Additionally, several additional safety measures are included in the BOL121 9-A design.

The bollard’s LED bar can successfully prevent accidents brought on by drivers’ poor night vision. In the event of a power outage, the bollard can be manually lowered.

Equipped with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), various control methods can be achieved easily, such as biometric readers, remote control and push button station.

The bollard is frequently seen in ports, jails, military facilities, and customs areas where traffic guidance is required to safeguard persons and property. This device increases security and offers optimal access control in the above specified regions.

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ZKTeco BOL1219-A Automatic Bollard is available here at wholesale price for purchase and rental. To see the full datasheet go to download.*


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