ZKTeco CMP200(L) Barrier Gate (Automatic)


ZKTeco CMP200(L) Automatic Barrier Gate with Telescopic Boom Left Arm 4.5M

  • The CMP200 series offers brand-new automatic barrier gates equipped with telescopic boom arm that allows direction exchanging according to site application and a silvery housing with built-in LED indicating the state of the parking barrier, providing humanized user experience.
  • Its appearance and structure are designed based on the feedback and needs of the market and industry. Comparing with other barrier gates, the CMP200 series of automatic barrier gate products with telescopic straight boom might be an economic good fit meeting demands in different parking lots.
  • Better experience with auxiliary traffic lights in the main body
  • Support anti-smash and automatic closing with an infrared detector, loop detector, radar detector
  • Arm direction can be exchanged between leftward and rightward according to site application
  • Opening and closing angle of 90° ±2°
  • Over voltage protection
  • Support LPR, UHF reader controller and other devices for recognition and other A&C functions
SKU CMP200(L)/CMP200(R) ZKTeco Barrier Gate Category

ZKTECO CMP200(L) Automatic Barrier Gate is one of the barrier gate system parts that is available at VSH Technology

Designed to regulate access and ensure smooth traffic flow, parking barrier gate system offers robust solutions for diverse parking environments. Whether for commercial, residential, or public spaces, barrier gate systems provide reliable control, enhancing security and convenience for all users.

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ZKTECO CMP200(L) Automatic Barrier Gate is available here at wholesale price for purchase and rental. To see the full datasheet go to download.*



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