ZKTeco mTS1011

• SUS304 stainless steel housing

• Bi-directional tripod turnstile with arm drop function

• LED pictograms for intuitive use and high throughput in both directions

• High quality at a cost effective price

• Low power consumption

• Wide range of accessories

• Easy and simple installation process


ZKTeco mTS1011 is one of the security gate system product lineup that are available at VSH Technology. It accesses feature includes:  SUS304 stainless steel housing, Bi-directional tripod turnstile with arm drop function, LED pictograms for intuitive use and high throughput in both directions, High quality at a cost effective price and Low power consumption.

The new tripod turnstile with compact design to reduce occupancy of floor space, whole body made up of stainless steel with are durable. Integrated with entry indicator light on conspicuous position to guide passage. Turnstile are will drop arm automatically once occur emergency events. 

If you’re looking for this productVSH Technology services are perfect for you. We supply numerous security systems and devices and that includes ZKTeco Product like the ZKTeco mTS1011  .

We are a One-stop security system supplier in Malaysia. Other systems such as Networking, Alarms, Metal Detectors, CCTV, Display Systems, Auto Gates, Solar Light, PIDS Solution are also available here.

For years we have supplied clients coming from all around Malaysia. Notable one being Selangor, Johor, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and even East Malaysia Sabah & Sarawak.

To know more About Us or learn about our offer for this product, kindly Contact Us. We are ready to help and guide you.

ZKTeco mTS1011 is available here at wholesale price. To see the full datasheet go to download.*


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