ZKTeco SmartAC1[TD] Face Recognition, Palm Recognition & Mask Detection

Smart AC1/TD, a visible light facial recognition access control device that withstands direct strong light exposure. This product supports multiple verification methods including Face, Fingerprint, Palm & Password. It is embedded with a Face-with-Mask reading and fever detection feature that can examine a person’s body temperature even with a face mask on. The extra-wide angle recognition with up to 2 meters recognition distance made this device one of the fastest and contactless verification methods that significantly reduce the potential risk of cross-contamination in premises. Suitable for all types of small and large offices.

  • Visible Light Facial Recognition
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser,color and B/W photos), videos attack and 3D mask attack
  • Multiple verification methods: Face / Fingerprint / Card / Password
  • Available card modules: 125KHz ID card (EM) / 13.56MHz IC card (MF)
  • Supplement lightning with adjustable brightness
  • Capacity of 6,000 face templates