Features & 5 Advantages of Smart Lock

Locks is often used in our daily life. Consequently, the choice of the lock is crucial. VSH Technology provides the best choice for Smart Locks Let us look at the major advantages of having Smart Door Lock.

  1. Do you often forget where the keys are left behind?
  2. Are you in a hurry, still searching for keys in a messy backpack?
  3. Do you still often forget to take your keys out, so you can’t enter when you back home?

The key is the only open tool for traditional door locks. This uniqueness brings a lot of trouble to our lives. Traditional mechanical keys need to be carried separately and are easily forgotten or lost. 

It is not uncommon for you to be unable to go home in time or to replace the door lock because the key is forgotten and lost, or the key is broken due to improper operation.

         At the same time, the mechanical key is sharp, and it is easy to scratch the human body and other objects when carrying it. Damage to the liner of the backpack, scratches on the phone case and screen, and scratches on the skin during exercise also occur frequently, and sometimes even inadvertent placement poses a threat to the health and safety of infants and young children.

       With the smart door locks of technology is not only a trend, but also a new way of life.

5 Advantages of the smart door lock:

  1. Save Time

  We lived in more and more quick and imperative rhythm of life, many people shuttle back and forth between work, school and home. Have endless work and a lot of homework. Every second of time is to be contested. Smart door lock can unlock in seconds. It is suitable for who was in a hurry.

  1. More Safety

  Prevent violent unlocking. Because the smart fingerprint is used, the owner can set the fingerprints and family members into the door lock system by himself, so that family can easily open the door. If the people try to open the password through multiple attempts, as long as the error persists, the external alarm device will be triggered to attract the owner’s attention.

  1. Beautiful, simple and stylish, with a sense of technology

  Smart locks are relatively fashionable and smooth in design. In the past, many fingerprint locks used key passwords. Now they are basically touch screens, face recognition which are anti-fingerprint residue. They look high-end, and have a sense of technology. Which popular and attract among young people.

  1. Very convenient and fast

  No need to be afraid of forgetting to bring the key to enter the house. The smart lock has various ways to open the door. Fingerprint, password, card swipe and even mobile phone remote control can open your own door, which is very convenient and fast.

  1. Set a temporary password for friend

  If relatives and friends come to stay at home, in order to facilitate the free access of relatives and friends, a temporary password can be set for them. Therefore, the fingerprint password can also be used to open the door during the temporary stay, therefore the fingerprints set in the smart fingerprint lock can be cleared immediately after the relatives and friends leave.

Zkteco smart door lock is an excellent choice. For example, ZKTeco TL800 Wi-Fi Smart Lock and ZKTeco HBL400 Smart Lock. They are all wireless smart lock and Bluetooth smart lock.

        TL800 is a Wi-Fi smart lock.TL800 designed as a fully automatic smart lock with a built-in indoor monitoring screen. It could unlock and lock the door itself. It is compatible with USmart Go, an application designed for home automation. Users could enjoy remote control and online real-time monitoring when connecting the intelligent lock to the Wi-Fi network. What’s more, the owner could observe the outdoor situation from the OLED screen installed inside the house.

6 Features of ZKTeco HBL400 Smart Lock and ZKTeco TL800 Wi-Fi Smart Lock:

  1. Auto opening and closing according to personalization settings
  2. An OLED screen for monitoring the outdoor situation inside the house
  3. Compatible with USmart Go; remote control and real-time monitoring online through Wi-Fi
  4. A hidden fingerprint semi-conductor installed behind the outdoor handle unit with ergonomics and anti-collision design
  5. No need to deploy an additional doorbell
  6. Class C cylinder protection; even the outdoor unit of the lock is damaged, your home is still safe

In addition to homes, hotels also need smart door locks. Safety and security have become one of the essential elements for guests looking for hotel reservations. A good quality and high-performance door lock system can ensure the safety of customers and their property. The price of ZKTeco Airbnb door lock is affordable and suitable for large-scale installations. Here we recommend smart door locks for everyone.

ZKBio Hotel Door Lock System:

Is specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium hotels, Maximize security, individual style and low operation costs.

       An encoder is a device or process that converts data from one form to another. In the field of position sensing, an encoder is a device that detects mechanical movement and converts it into an analog or digitally encoded output signal. Likewise, CR60W Encoder.

8 Specifications of CR60W Encoder:

  • Card Type: Mifare S50 Mifare S70
  • Dimension: 111mm*81mm*26.6mm
  • Interface: USB
  • Frequency: 13.56MHZ
  • Working Voltage: DC5V (±4%)
  • Static Current: 65mA
  • Working Current: 80mA
  • Reading Range: 300mm–100mm

Energy Saving Switch (for MF only) and ZKTeco LH3000 Hotel Lock RFID is accessories.

3 Specifications of Energy Saving Switch (for MF only):   

  • Card Type: Mifare
  • Dimension: 86mm*86mm*44mm
  • Weight: 147.7g

7 Features of ZKTeco LH3000 Hotel Lock RFID:

  1. With advanced 13.56mhz Mifare-1 card technology
  2. American standard mortise with 5 latches
  3. Stainless steel housing with the color of sliver
  4. With professional hotel lock management software – single click installs
  5. Audit trail records the latest 224 lock transaction
  6. With warning beeps in low battery power
  7. Backset is 62.5m

Smart locks have entered people’s lives and entered this rapidly developing era. This fast-paced life requires these rapidly developing technologies. From the benefits of these smart locks, we can see that smart home life is different.

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