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5 Reasons why your business needs Barrier Gates​

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Your business is where your creativity is at work. It is where all your hard work goes in, working for present and future goals. Like all things you greatly value, you have to do your best to protect it with security such as CCTV cameras and barrier gates. Why automatic barriers? Well, read on further to find out why.

1. Barrier gates Controlling access to your business

CCTV cameras deter potential criminals and can record a theft which can be used to capture the perpetrator/s, but with a physical automatic barrier gate you can actually control access to your property. When placed at an entrance and exit of car parks, office/factory premises you have control and if and when necessary restrict movement. You can grant access to authorized personal and vehicles only, while monitoring outside vehicles and people that you allow in. You can also control access to various areas across your premises.

2. Trespassers will think twice

Trespassers are deterred by automatic barriers. It demonstrates that your property is safe and that you take property security seriously. It essentially serves as both a psychological and a physical barrier.

VSH Technology provides the best product will help consumer to understand and be a wise technologies user.

3. Barrier gates Automated convenience

It is impossible to deny that automated barriers are convenient. They can be programmed to only allow access to authorised vehicles. They can be programmed to allow access only during specific times of the day and deny access at all other times, even for authorised vehicles. You can grant special permission as needed, ensuring that you have control and are aware of who comes and goes on your property. You will also have a digital log that you can use to refer to specific dates in the future if necessary.

4. Adds to your overall image

There are so many sleek and innovative designs to choose from these days. They not only increase the security of your property, but they also improve its aesthetics. When a visitor comes to your property, a sleek barrier gate will add to the overall positive impression they get. After all, this is the first point of contact a guest will have, and a sleek automatic barrier is the ticket to giving your business a professional feel..

VSH Technology supplies and distribute all products related to security system and carry more than 10 well-known brand all around the world such as Hikvision, Dahua Technology, ZKTeco, View sonic Vivo alarm , Draka Cable Solution , Belden, EZVIZ, Soyal, Hanhwa, EnGenius, IP-COM.

5. Security for your employees as well

One of your most valuable assets is your workforce. They are responsible for your company’s smooth and profitable operation. Giving them security and peace of mind ensures their productivity. A secure and safe work environment enables your employees to concentrate and focus entirely on the task at hand..

VSH Technology offers a range of automated barrier gates with features that make providing security to your premises that much easier. They offer innovative solutions such as a UHF long range reader that allows authorised vehicles with the relevant UHF vehicle tag seamless entrance, that saves on time and reduces the hassle of finding access cards. There are straight arm barrier gate options with normal and high-speed operations while there is also an innovative colour parking barrier gate for night time parking.

Make sure your business is protected in smart way. Browse through the options offered by VSH Technology for further details. Be prepared and feel secure.

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