Hikvision DS-3E1510P-SI 8 Port Gigabit Smart POE Switch

  • 8 × gigabit PoE ports, and 2 × gigabit fiber optical ports.
  • IEEE 802.3at/af standard for PoE ports.
  • Network topology management, alarm push, network health monitor.
  • 6 KV surge protection for PoE ports.
  • AF/AT camera can reach up to 300 m in extend mode.
  • PoE watchdog to auto detect and restart the cameras that do not respond.
  • Various layer 2 management protocols such as STP/RSTP, VLAN, link aggregation, SNMP, QoS and so on.

The Hikvision DS-3E1510P-SI 8 Port Gigabit Smart PoE Switch is a reliable and efficient networking solution designed for seamless power and data transmission in surveillance and networking setups. With 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports, it offers robust connectivity for various devices such as IP cameras, access points, and VoIP phones.

This smart PoE switch features Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, enabling it to deliver power and data over a single Ethernet cable to PoE-enabled devices. With a total PoE power budget of XX watts, it efficiently powers multiple devices simultaneously, simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.

Equipped with advanced management features like VLAN, QoS, and IGMP snooping, the DS-3E1510P-SI optimizes network performance and ensures smooth data transmission. It also supports intelligent PoE management, allowing users to monitor and control the power consumption of connected devices remotely.

Designed for reliability and ease of use, this PoE switch features a compact and sturdy metal housing suitable for deployment in various environments. Whether you’re setting up a surveillance system, a small office network, or a campus network, the Hikvision DS-3E1510P-SI offers the performance, reliability, and flexibility needed for modern networking applications.

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Hikvision DS-3E1510P-SI is available here at wholesale price. To see the full datasheet go to download.*


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