Product Features:

Rear Panel

    • LED Display or LCD Display Selectable
    • Microprocessor – Based Digital Control
    • Boost and Buck AVR for Voltage Stabilization
    • Auto Sensing Frequency
    • Wide Input Voltage Range
    • Power-on Self Test
    • Cold Start
    • Auto Restart When Mains Power is Restored
    • Auto Track Mains Phase to Ensure That Inverter Output Voltage
      has Same Phase With Utility Voltage, Reducing Transfer Time and Peak Surge
    • Intelligent Battery Management : Battery Temperature Compensation to
      Extend the Battery Life : Three-stage Charging to Shorten Recharge Time
    • Short Circuit, Battery Overcharge / Overdischarge, Overload, Surge Protetions
    • Automatic Charging in OFF Mode
    • Optional no-load Shutdown
    • Optional RS232 / USB Communication Port and RJ11 / RJ45 Protection
    • Unattended Safety Shutdown : System Alarm and Auto Power-On / Off by
      RS232 or USB Interface Communicating with PC
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