ViewSonic Monitor VG2455 24″ Advanced Ergonomics Business


The ViewSonic VG2455 is a 24″ (23.8″ viewable) 1080P IPS monitor designed to fit the modern office space. The monitor comes with a built-in USB Type-C port. Charge and display content simply via a single cable from your device, enabling connection to your laptop through a single USB cable and keeping your workstation neat while also functioning as a docking monitor. In addition, the monitor is equipped with DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, and three USB Type-A ports to expand your efficiency. The three-sided frameless bezel design lets you enjoy an uninterrupted view of content across multiple monitors. An advanced ergonomic design offers the widest range of adjustments available for maximum comfort; including pivot, swivel, height adjustment, and an impressive 40° tilt, allowing you to use the monitor while standing or have strategic group discussions around the screen. The packaging is environmentally friendly and offers quick and easy setup, making the VG2455 monitor perfect for business environments.

  • USB Type-C
  • Frameless bezel
  • SuperClear® IPS technology
  • HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA inputs
  • vDisplay Manager (free download)

ViewSonic Monitor VG2455 is a Full HD Monitor made by ViewSonic. Some of its features are USB Type-C. Frameless bezel. SuperClear® IPS technology. HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA inputs. and vDisplay Manager (free download).

The ViewSonic VG2455 is a 24’’ (23.8’’ viewable) 1080P IPS monitor designed to fit the modern office space.Simply connect your device to a single USB cable to charge and display material, allowing you to connect it to your laptop and utilise the workstation as a docking monitor at the same time. To increase your productivity, the display also has three USB Type-A connectors, DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA interfaces. With the three-sided frameless bezel design, you may view information on numerous displays without any interruptions.

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