ViewSonic ViewBoard: Interactive Whiteboard That Makes Sharing Ideas Easier

ViewSonic Corporation is a privately held, global electronics firm that focuses on digital whiteboarding software and hardware for visual displays, such as interactive whiteboards, projectors, and liquid crystal displays.

They have created a range of interactive displays, to ease and improve the  education, enterprise, and entertainment sectors

One of their prominent and popular product is ViewSonic ViewBoard; An interactive whiteboard that makes sharing and presenting ideas much easier and more engaging.

Let’s take a look at it.

VSH Technology is a supplier/distributor of ViewSonic Monitor  products in Malaysia. We serve businesses around the state such as Selangor and Kuala Lumpur by supplying them with ViewSonic products at wholesale prices.

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What is Viewsonic ViewBoard?

ViewSonic IFP6552 ViewBoard 65
ViewSonic IFP6552 ViewBoard 65″ 4K Interactive Display

ViewBoard is an interactive whiteboard that offers all users a simple and natural way to participate. This interactive screen from ViewSonic makes it simple to organize engaging and effective work sessions.

Users can access, interact with, and manipulate content directly on the screen with an interactive display, which is simply a larger version of a tablet computer with a touchscreen.

There is no need for pens or to spend time cleaning up since interactive display technologies encourage more collaboration within an organization or educational setting.

Even better, you don’t even have to be there to study from this digital whiteboard!

By enabling more efficient and quick use of the day in the business or an educational setting, interactive display solutions raise the bar for the conventional whiteboard.

Looking for a suitable model to buy for your business or school, kindly contact us. VSH Technology is a licensed ViewSonic distributor in Malaysia.

Editor Notes

Here are some examples of their usefulness in education and business

In the classroom

Displays in the classroom can be utilized for hybrid or interactive learning. Lessons can be delivered immediately on the classroom display, and teachers can include a variety of materials in their lessons, including games, polls, quizzes, PDFs, PowerPoints, and movies. Whether students are learning in a traditional classroom setting or online, teachers can keep their attention.

In the office

Same like classroom, users can include a variety of materials in their presentation to make the idea more digestible. Makes the discussion in the meeting more engaging by enabling real-time adjustment to screen to prove a point or team interaction. Plus, no more worrying about whether somebody stumble upon the projector wire.

Types of Touch Panel

To give you much detail about what ViewSonic offers, there are different types of interactive displays and each have their own pro and cons:

Resistive Touch

Commonly used and reasonably priced, resistive touch panels only allow for single-point touches and require actual hand contact with the screen. 

This style of panel is frequently seen in stores where credit card purchases usually necessitate stylus-based signatures.

Infrared touch

Ideal for group collaboration, infrared touch screens are robust and provide multi-touch capabilities. They can also detect any input. 

However, as this sort of panel performs very poorly in heat, especially in direct sunshine, it is advisable to maintain it in a relatively dark area. For both professional and educational settings, infrared touch panels are excellent tools.

Touch Optical Imaging

Infrared lights are utilized in a variety of touch panels to cast shadows that act as touch sensors. In terms of touch panel types, optical imaging is essentially the most flexible choice in terms of everything from durability to multi-touch.

Projected Capacitive Touch

Projected capacitive touch screens are renowned for their excellent precision and quick response times thanks to their electrical-based touch sensing. 

They can be utilized in small, portable devices like smartphones, tablets, and GPS units and have multi-touch capabilities. However, scaling up projected capacitive touch to bigger scales has proven difficult due to its underlying technology.

Which ViewSonic products Suits You?

Of course, as everyone do today, you can do extensive research on google before walking into for ViewSonic store to buy one. 

But it’ll be much easier just to contact ViewSonic suppliers and ask for their guidance.

VSH Technology is a licensed distributer and supplier of ViewSonic brand in Malaysia.

We are ready to guide you through and recommend what the best interactive display for your specific needs. 

Contact us today and we’ll assist you.

For education, for instance, we have model such as ViewSonic IFP6552 ViewBoard 65″ 4K Interactive Display that are under 52 series. Some of its features are:

  • Using USB-C, a single connection allows for plug-and-play communication.
  • Angular design for smooth usability with quick access shortcut keys.
  • 33-point touch dual-pen device with naturally fluid writing experience.
  • leading-edge audio and cutting-edge eye care technology.
  • Utilizing myViewBoard Manager, a centralised remote management system.

The ViewBoard® 52 Series is a 4K Ultra HD interactive whiteboard with features that are user-centric and top-tier collaboration tools for today’s education made simple.

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